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Manyam Konda General View If you are traveling to Hyderabad on business — as is increasingly the case now — it is easy to miss the year old Hyderabad. The city that immediately hits the eye is a sprawling metropolis of shopping malls and office buildings with glass facades.. The whole of the city seems to be under construction or renovation and the roads are jammed because flyovers are being constructed. It is a magnificent city in many senses.. The ” old city ” that was once the seat of the Nizam, the ruler of the largest and the most opulent ” princely state “, and the twin city of Secunderabad where the British maintained a cantonment to keep the army within striking distance of the Nizam can be seen only if you take the time out to see them.. Hyderabad’s many epithets include the City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, the Biryani City and, because of its high tech draw, Cyberabad.. In Quli Qutb ul Mulk established the fortress of Golconda about 8 km to the west of Hyderabad’s present day old city. He had quelled rebellion in the Telangana region and was appointed the subedar, or administrator of the region as a result.. By , he had become independent from the Bahmani sultan, declared himself the Sultan under the name of Quli Qutb Shah and established the Qutb Shahi dynasty.. In , Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, a grandson of Quli Qutb Shah, made the decision to move his capital from the Golconda fort to the present day location of Hyderabad due to water shortages at the old location..

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This magnificent temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi stands distinctly on the outskirts of the city. Amidst the varied Islamic architectural monuments in the area, this temple has a different style — a touch of south Indian architecture. Among the Hindu pantheon, the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, finds a special place in the hearts of the people for she brings prosperity and happiness as well as salvation.

But very few temples have Goddess Lakshmi in her eight splendorous forms.

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And in the coming year, it looks like our city is set for all this and more. So, are you ready to rock ? Bring out your walking shoes, Hyderabad. The Charminar Pedestrianisation Project might just become a reality in ! Finally, we might just be able to amble around Charminar aimlessly, gawking at the magnificent edifice without motorists blaring horns in our ears! Yes, the much-awaited Charminar Pedestrianisation Project is more closer to becoming a reality than it ever was.

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Telugu (the state language of Andhra Pradesh and one of India’s three living classical languages) and Urdu are widely spoken in Hyderabad, and most educated people speak Telugu, Urdu, Hindi and .

See Article History Andhra Pradesh, state of India , located in the southeastern part of the subcontinent. It is bounded by the Indian states of Tamil Nadu to the south, Karnataka to the southwest and west, Telangana to the northwest and north, and Odisha to the northeast. The eastern boundary is a mile km coastline along the Bay of Bengal. Telangana was a region within Andhra Pradesh for almost six decades, but in it was carved off to form a separate state. The state draws its name from the Andhra people, who have inhabited the area since antiquity and developed their own language, Telugu.

Andhra Pradesh came into existence in its present form in as a result of the demand of the Andhras for a separate state. Although it is primarily agricultural, the state has some mining activity and a significant amount of industry. Area , square miles , square km. Land Relief, drainage, and soils The state has three main physiographic regions: The coastal plain, also known as the Andhra region, runs almost the entire length of the state and is watered by several rivers, flowing from west to east through the hills into the bay.

The deltas formed by the most important of those rivers—the Godavari and the Krishna —make up the central part of the plains, an area of fertile alluvial soil. Interrupted by the great river valleys, the mountains do not form a continuous range.

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Golkonda Fort: Long climb but worth it. – See 3, traveler reviews, 2, candid photos, and great deals for Hyderabad, India, at TripAdvisor. Hyderabad. Hyderabad Tourism Hyderabad Hotels Hyderabad Guest House Hyderabad Holiday Homes Hyderabad Holiday Packages Hyderabad Flights Hyderabad Restaurants Hyderabad AttractionsK TripAdvisor reviews.

Charminar has become a local and national landmark as well as a global icon of Hyderabad. Clock of the Charminar The Charminar was constructed at the intersection of the historical trade route that connects the markets of Golkonda with the port city of Machilipatnam. Towards the north of Charminar is the Char Kaman , or four gateways, constructed in the cardinal direction. The structure itself was intended to serve as a Mosque and Madraasa. It is of Indo-Islamic architecture style, incorporating Persian architectural elements.

A minaret of the Charminar Charminar Night View Of Charminar The Charminar masjid is a square structure with each side 20 meters approximately 66 feet long, with four grand arches each facing a fundamental point that open into four streets. At each corner stands an exquisitely shaped minaret, 56 meters approximately feet high, with a double balcony.

Each minaret is crowned by a bulbous dome with dainty petal-like designs at the base. Unlike the minarets of Taj Mahal , Charminar’s four fluted minarets are built into the main structure. There are winding steps to reach the upper floor. The structure is also known for its profusion of stucco decorations and the arrangement of its balustrades and balconies.


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It also has many lakes and parks.

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The dynasty, previously a feudatory of Bahmani sultanate, declared independence in Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah, a ruler of the dynasty, founded the city of Hyderabad on the banks of the Musi River in ;[3] this relocation was intended to relieve a water shortage the dynasty had experienced at their old headquarters at Golkonda. Golconda diamond mines are the birth place of the most famous diamond in the world, Koh-i-Noor, the crown jewel in the crown of Queen Elizabeth.

They contributed to the growth and development of Indo-Persian and Indo-Islamic literature and culture in Hyderabad. Some of the sultans were known as patrons of local Telugu culture as well. In the 16th century the city grew to accommodate the surplus population of Golconda and eventually became the capital of the Qutb Shahi rulers. Hyderabad became known for its gardens called baghs and its comfortable climate. Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah Persian:

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It originated from the lands between the Godavari and Krishna rivers and was based at Amaravathi and Dharanikota. Kakatiya dynasty Ramagiri Fort ruins at Kalvacherla in Karimnagar district is an ancient fort initially built by the Sathavahanas and modified many times by other dynasties till 16th century Kota Gullu , temple ruins built in the 12th century by Kakatiyas at Ghanpur, Mulug in warangal district The Telangana area experienced its golden age during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty , which ruled most parts of the present-day Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from to CE.

The dynasty weakened with the attack of Malik Kafur in and was dissolved after the defeat of Prataparudra by the forces of Muhammad bin Tughluq in

Hyderabad is the homeland of the Telugu movie i Studios, Annapurna Studios, Ramanaidu Studios, Ramakrishna Studios, Padmalaya Studios, Ramoji Film City are notable film studios in .

It originated from the lands between the Godavari and Krishna rivers and was based at Amaravathi and Dharanikota. After the decline of the Satavahanas, various dynasties, such as the Vakataka , Vishnukundina , Chalukya , Rashtrakuta and Western Chalukya , ruled the area. Kakatiya Dynasty The Telangana area experienced its golden age during the reign of the Kakatiya dynasty , which ruled most parts of the present-day Andhra Pradesh and Telangana from to CE.

The dynasty weakened with the attack of Malik Kafur in and was dissolved after the defeat of Prataparudra by the forces of Muhammad bin Tughluq in On 21 September , the Golkonda Sultanate came under the rule of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb after a year-long siege of the Golkonda fort. He was later recalled to Delhi, with Mubariz Khan appointed as the viceroy. In , Qamar-ud-din Khan defeated Mubariz Khan to reclaim the Deccan suba, establishing it as an autonomous province of the Mughal empire.

He took the name Asif Jah, starting what came to be known as the Asif Jahi dynasty. He named the area Hyderabad Deccan. The Medak and Warangal divisions of Telangana were part of their realm. When Asif Jah I died in , there was political unrest due to contention for the throne among his sons, who were aided by opportunistic neighbouring states and colonial foreign forces.

Tunnel found near Charminar in Old City of Hyderabad

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