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Nostalgia for the Habsburg era has been put to good use by the booming tourist industry, lending Old-Town nightlife a distinctly theatrical feel: Presiding haughtily over the northern end is Lviv Opera House, dating from and topped with a trio of winged statues symbolizing the arts. The most spectacular buildings are the fairytale Carpathian churches, their belfries raised in pagoda-like tiers. Originally laid out in it is now a museum reserve: Housed in the rather grand Potocki Palace, Lviv Art Gallery does at least display some fine-looking antique furnishings in a sequence of opulently decorated halls. Beer with tradition One exception to the old school museum rule is the Brewery Museum, an entertaining display that tells the history of brewing from its origins to the present day.

The Rise And Fall of Brody

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The town was mentioned in documents dating back to , and was granted rights under the Magdeburg Law in the year , allowing the residents to cut trees down for the building and development of the town. The peaceful Buh River that runs past the town supplied its residents with fish, and today it is a beautiful feature of the town. Located in the Lviv Oblast of Ukraine , the town of Sokal is situated in a district of its own, namely the Sokal District. The town has a wonderful history and reminders of its past are scattered across the landscape.

Lviv is a kind of cultural capital of Ukraine, and this city is a wonderfully harmonious European come here to take a walk in the center, go to museums, drink coffee, listen to numerous street musicians and get acquainted with the very rich culture of Western Ukraine.

Archaeological digs have revealed that this area has long been inhabited by humans, but the first written mention of Brody can be found in Kievan Rus documents dating back to Shortly after coming under the jurisdiction of the Polish commonwealth, Brody was considered to be an ‘ideal’ city by the Polish aristocracy. The city came to be governed by Magdeburger municipal law in and before long, a large number of Armenians, Scots, Greeks and Jews had migrated here.

By the late 18th century a significant portion of the population of Brody was Jewish. The Jewish population served to boost trade in the form of the shipment of raw materials from Poland, Lituania and Russia. This ultimately led to Brody becoming one of the richest and most important cities in Poland. Brody also played an important role as the center of Orthodox Judaism.

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Zakarpattia, the western region of Ukraine that abuts eastern Slovakia and northeastern Hungary, is home to a number of unusual wooden churches dating from the 15th to 18th centuries.

Early history[ edit ] Gold Scythian pectoral, or neckpiece, from a royal kurgan in Pokrov , dated to the 4th century BC Neanderthal settlement in Ukraine is seen in the Molodova archaeological sites 43, —45, BC which include a mammoth bone dwelling. The Goths stayed in the area but came under the sway of the Huns from the s AD. At the end of the century, the majority of Bulgar tribes migrated in different directions, and the Khazars took over much of the land. The Antes were the ancestors of Ukrainians: Migrations from Ukraine throughout the Balkans established many Southern Slavic nations.

Northern migrations, reaching almost to the Ilmen Lakes , led to the emergence of the Ilmen Slavs , Krivichs , and Radimichs , the groups ancestral to the Russians. After an Avar raid in and the collapse of the Antes Union, most of these peoples survived as separate tribes until the beginning of the second millennium.

Kievan Rus’ included the central, western and northern part of modern Ukraine, Belarus , far eastern strip of Poland and the western part of present-day Russia. According to the Primary Chronicle the Rus’ elite initially consisted of Varangians from Scandinavia. Principalities of Kievan Rus’ , — The Varangians later assimilated into the Slavic population and became part of the first Rus’ dynasty, the Rurik Dynasty.

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They are all mentioned in the guidebooks, review site sand and traveler reports. Explore our own list of top things to do in Odessa! Odessa is a state in a state. The city has a rather recent history, and even though the settlements in the area date all the way back to 13th century and a Tatar town of Hacibey, the modern Odessa was founded in — by the decree of Empress Catherine the Great of Russia.

The city immediately became an artist heaven, with heaps of Bohemian charm, and a home to people from all nations: The meals are plentiful, prices are acceptable and the interior design is often fascinating.

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